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Albion Legal are able to extend cover under our Employee Restrictive Covenant Insurance Scheme to cover claims where Employers pursue employees for breaches of their Restrictive Covenants

This enables your clients to have cover in place for the legal costs involved in High Court proceedings to enforce Restrictive Covenant and obtain injunctive relief.

Many Law Firms we work with inform us that they receive a large number of enquiries from their commercial clients regarding the enforceability of Restrictive Covenants.

Whilst Restrictive Covenants can sometimes not be imposed due to the restrictions in the clients contracts not being legally compliant and enforceable there are other times when these are enforceable but the cost involved prohibits the client from taking this further.

This is also a unique selling point against some of your competitors who are unable to provide this type of solution.

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Albion Legal's Employment Disputes Insurance also features the following benefits:

  • Bespoke quotes and hourly rates designed specifically around you and your business model
  • Flexible Cover tailored around your clients exact requirements
  • You determine prospects of success under the policy and handle / control all claims
  • You would review the clients Restrictive Covenants to ensure they can be enforced properly and used to protect the interests of your clients business
  • Additional revenue streams as many clients do not pursue these types of matters due to the large amounts involved in obtaining an injunction

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